It began a long time ago. Very long time ago. A lifetime ago.

David. My grandfather was a shoemaker. He worked in the theater of opera and ballet. He created shoes for artists. The Marriage of Figaro, Aida, Tosca, Carmen, The Barber of Seville, Don Quixote, Boris Godunov, Rigoletto, Swan Lake, Giselle, Sleeping Beauty, The Nutcracker. This is just a partial list of great works for which my grandfather sewed shoes to artists. Shoes, sewn with his hands, stood on the stages of many theaters around the world. He was talented and loved his job very much. Working with leather was his vocation. He had a small workshop in the theater building, an old sewing machine "Singer" and a set of tools for working with leather. But all the magic was done by his hands!

He was gone when I was 3 years old. In memory of him, I still have some old photos and a striking external resemblance to him, and of course, a lot of my mother’s stories about him. But even twenty years later, when I went to the Theater in which my grandfather worked, the few remaining employees who worked with him in those times said to each other: “Look, this is David’s grandson.”
I am proud of my grandfather!

I`ve always loved to do something with my own hands, mainly from wood. Only for myself or for my family and friends. But I never thought that the products created by my hands, will be able to bring me income.

By the age of 40, I tried myself in many areas. It was work in the bank, and at large industrial enterprises, and in the sphere of small business, and in online trading. One day, while looking for original paper notebooks for my online store, I accidentally stumbled upon a handmade leather notebook. Just a random photo, without the name of the master (I still keep it as a reminder of how it all began ... :) ) It was a real work of art! Thick leather, flower ornament, deep tooling, I have never seen and even more so, I did not hold anything like that in my hands! I had the idea to expand the range of my store with leather notebooks. Find something exclusive, "not like everyone else." But when I began to find out prices, I realized that every such work costs a fortune :). And I thought, what if I`ll try to do something like that by myself ... Of course, not such masterpieces, but gradually find my own style ... And I began to learn ...

For the first weeks I sat in front of the computer for 10-15 hours every day, soaking up like a sponge, all the possible information regarding working with leather, watching videos, reading articles, looking for suppliers of leather, chemistry, accessories, etc., all over the world. Attended exhibitions where they sold raw materials and finished products, met with the masters. In general, I am completely immersed in this wonderful world of creativity:).
I was fascinated by the process of turning a smooth piece of leather into another masterpiece of handmade craftsmanship! After three months of self-study, I decided that it was time to try to do something by myself ... To begin with, I bought an inexpensive set of the simplest tools, several types of dyes and finishes for leather and of course LEATHER:).
I immediately decided for myself that I would work only with high quality leather, and since a sheet of such leather is worth decent money, I bought a whole box of small pieces of such leather. Oh, how exciting it was to open this box, examine, feel, smell every piece of it ... And I began to try, experiment, study, and at the same time continue learning by myself (thanks to Google and Youtube).

I created my first notebook somewhere in half a year, after the start of my research. It was a notebook with a Sheridan style ornament (thanks to the many American masters, on whose videos I studied) ... September 2014 - I consider this date as the birth date of my brand name << TiVergy >> . By the way, somewhere in a year and a half I sold this notebook to a customer from Texas:).

Then, there was the second, third ... tenth jornals. With each product I was more and more captured this process. I studied various techniques and methods of leather treatment, experimented with various colors and finishes, gradually acquired new tools (I bought some, I made some by myself), I equipped a small home creative studio. When I already had about two dozen finished works, I began to study the information where I can sell it. Unfortunately, in my country, most consumers are not used to treating handicrafts as something valuable and unique. This direction is just beginning to develop in our country. Therefore, I was originally focused on working with foreign customers.

And now, after a few years, since I began this completely new and unpredictable stage in my life, I want to believe that my grandfather is proud of me at the moments of my success and helps to overcome difficulties, at the moments of failures!

Yours sincerely,
Tykhon Verygyn